Storm and Water Damage Repairs – An Extensive and Expensive Affair

The Environment Agency estimated that the cost of water damage repairs from flooding averages at around 28,000 compared to a comparatively meagre 7,300 for fire damage. If you suspect that you live in an area prone to flooding and severe weather is forecast, you can see if you are at risk by visiting the Environment Agency’s website.

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The most obvious thing you should do is move any valuable items that could be affected by water damage to a higher level, out of harms way. Consider anything with personal value: family photos and videos, anything irreplaceable.

If you are able bodied and feeling altruistic, offer your services to your neighbours for heavy lifting and they might just return the favour. Do you have any elderly or disabled neighbours that might need help?

Check your insurance cover. Does it cover flood and water damage repairs? If you have had your insurance for several years they might have changes their policy. The best thing is to contact them directly by phone.

Water damage to electrical wiring can be highly dangerous. Ensure you know how to disconnect electricity, gas and water. Never touch sources of electricity when standing in flood water. A qualified electrician will need to check over the wiring of your house and any electrical equipment prone to water damage before it is safe to use them again.

Compile an emergency flood kit. Consider everything that may be helpful in an emergency situation: include a torch, waterproof clothing, blankets, a first aid kit, and a portable radio. Make sure this is kept upstairs.

Prevent water from entering as best as you can. A less obvious prevention method is to put plugs in sinks and baths, weigh them down with a sandbag, a pillowcase filled with garden soil, or a heavy object to avoid water backing up into toilets and sinks

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