Russian Women – The New American Bachelor Dream

There appears to be a trend of American men dating Russian women, notably illustrated by celebrity couples including Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova, the most recent romance between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva and, of course, Leonardo DiCaprio’s romance with Russian Sports Illustrated beauty Anne Vyalitsyna.

Russian women have long been viewed as an epitome of femininity, beauty and loyalty. Internationally minded American bachelors, eager to find an alternative to feminism driven girls next door, find that a Russian woman may be the ultimate embodiment of American Dream. This fact appears to be shocking to some people, however, truth to be said, who can resist those big Russian eyes?

Nowadays, a date with a woman from the other side of the world is a normal part of dating scene. dating russian ladies More and more American bachelors are trying to take advantage of this social phenomenon and score a dream wife from Russia or CIS. Numerous international dating agencies provide single American men with premier dating and romance opportunities to meet Russian women in a secure and safe environment. With Russian female to male population ratio growing with each day, landing a ravishing Russian beauty with is a piece of cake. All you will have to do is become a member and enjoy the adventure!

For a membership fee, a gentleman will have unlimited access to women’s profiles, request personal introduction with women he chooses to meet, interact and connect with hundreds of pre-qualified, fabulous looking, engaging and romance minded Russian women registered with the website and so much more!

In addition, the agency will make date arrangements for American men willing to travel to meet their Russian princess. The only work they will have to do is to pack their luggage and enjoy their date. Why not take a few days off and drop by Moscow for an enticing date with a bevy of gorgeous Russian angels equally anxious to meet you? Just consider these lifelong benefits:

Traditional Family Views: Russian women are family oriented and have no objections to dedicating their lives to raising children and taking care of their husbands. There are no gripes… no moans or groans… and no guilt trips. It’s just truly something that comes from their heart because it is a part of their identity and the way they express themselves as women. A good marriage and motherhood are their top priorities.

Feminine Demeanor: Their natural proclivity to being feminine and loving being this way is truly astonishing. Their natural femininity shines through in everything they say and do.

Non Materialistic Views: Contrary to popular belief, that all Russian women are ‘gold-diggers’ or ‘green card hunters’, these women are less materialistic than their American counterparts. All they want is a house, a dog in the yard, and a house full of children’ laughter.

Russian women want “nice” guys. Russian women pay little attention to man’s appearance and are more willing to accept great age differences. They appreciate qualities such as kindness, intelligence and responsiveness. To them , age is the just an arbitrary number, symbolizing nothing but stability, life experience and emotional growth of a prospective life partner. As long as you are getting along, you have good communication and problem solving, and you love each other, that is very precious to a Russian woman, and far more important than a ‘Chip-n-Dales’ body and Brad Pitt’s looks could be.

As more and more American bachelors choose women from Eastern Europe for relationships, the question arises: Are single American men likely to be successful in their relationships with Easter European women? Success in these relationships depends on what the motivations of both parties are. Some men are in search of traditional family- oriented women and like to date women who would willingly put their family before their careers. Other men like to break free from the ‘girl next door’ circle and explore different cultures. As for Russian women, their main goal is to find stability and emotional balance with a man who will be always there for her.

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