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Edge Blueprint – Rocket Your Online Success

As an Immediate Edge member I’ve been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of Dan Raine’s new internet marketing course. The course is called the Edge Blueprint and in the intro video, Dan explains what the Edge Blueprint is and what it is not – including a tactic he calls Sniper Traffic.

Immediate Edge

So far just one video of content has been released, which takes you step by step through the process of setting up Prosper202. While the process is fairly straightforward you should note that it doesn’t explain some of the steps required prior to the installation and if you lack some of this knowledge you’ll need to grab someone who knows how to set up a subdomain for you.

The whole process went without a hitch and by using the pause button whenever I needed to do something I was able to complete the installation in around 20 minutes – the video is 10 minutes.

The Edge Blueprint was brought about because of the number of people who had joined Immediate Edge, especially from the Thirty Day Challenge run by Ed Dale, and needed a certain amount of hand holding. Whereas the Thirty Day Challenge takes you step by step all the way through doing keyword research (using Market Samurai, a simply brilliant keyword tool) to buying a domain, setting up a WordPress blog, posting content to it and getting it to rank, Immediate Edge provides a staggering amount of information, but little structure and certainly no hand holding.

The Edge Blueprint changes this – Dan has stated that the aim, provided you put in the work – is to earn enough money from internet marketing to replace your job. He puts that value at $36,000, which for anyone should be a worthwhile addition to their bank account! As a full time internet marketer since 2002 I know how difficult it can be to get things done sometimes as it is easy to be sidetracked by things that really don’t matter. However, I also know that when I do stick to a plan and get something done towards reaching my goals every day I tend to make progress.

And so I’ll really looking forward to the rollout of the Edge Blueprint, as I’ve already seen many techniques that have emerged from Immediate Edge and I know work – as long as I put in the time to really try them to see if they will work for me or not.